Five Helpful Tips for Content Curation

 Five helpful tips for content curation. The ultimate guide to help you with your search. What is Content Curation? Content curation is the act of collecting, storing and organizing digital information pertaining to a specific topic. Many companies are now using this as a marketing tool to obtain a successful on-line presence. Content curation does not necessarily create content, but rather locates content relative to the subject matter and funnels it to the readers. This can be done through RSS feed, links posted on blog entries and social media feeds. Helpful Tips for Excelling at content Curation 1. Join the Content Community. Instead of being just the one repackaging information, be part of the content ecosystem by being a creator and a curator.One way to accomplish this is by making your own content, inviting guests to share some of their content and putting together articles and links from the web.This gives you the three C's of content curation which are created, contributed